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Fulton Street Transit Center Makeover

Hit or Miss

Fulton Street Transit Center Makeover

My subway station, the confusing overlap of 2/3, 4/5, A/C, and J/M/Z lines at Fulton Street is slated to undergo a major renovation (via Gothamist). The MTA Project Page is filled with interesting concept sketches, most of which I’m sure will bear no resemblance to the final product.

The station is horribly confusing to navigate (even after living here for 3 months). The A/C line is in a no-man’s land accessible only via the 2/3 or 4/5 entrances, and the J/Z/M platform is tucked around a corner I can find when I need it. And there’s currently no connection to the N/R and E lines a block further away.

But after visiting the Atlantic Avenue station in Brooklyn, I can’t imagine living through 5 years of major construction. Fortunately, work isn’t scheduled to start until late 2004, after I will have hopefully moved away from the Financial District.

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good luck

Transitblog | 4 Oct 2003