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Conversation Interface

Hit or Miss

Conversation Interface

Interesting post from Erik about “conversation interfaces.” As a fellow introvert, I also sometimes have difficulty navigating and pushing the boundaries of acceptable subject matter in unfamiliar settings.

“Sometimes, relationships aren’t about people but rather about the quality of the interface between them. Because the interface can be transferred between people if they converse in groups. It’s easier to transfer an interface to a group of people from an individual that you’ve worked to establish it with than to build each one from scratch.

Which explains why it is easier and oftentimes more successful to meet new friends when you’re with a core group of friends already.”

Which has been my limitation since moving to NYC. I’m not at the tipping point yet, but I’m going to meet some new people on Thursday when I go to hang out with someone I met at the happy hour last week.

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Get out and meet new people! Your body is in the city that never sleeps, but your mind is still dozing away in the limited social opportunities of Kirksville. I’ve found that every new person I meet helps me figure out just a little more information about myself. What good is the diversity of NYC if you don’t go out and experience it sometimes?
I know it takes time to adjust to being away from Kirksville, but you’ll get used to it. I know that being back in St. Louis has taken some getting used to, but I’m readjusting quite well, and I know you’ll do the same in the big city.
On a side note, what are the gas prices like there? Looking out my window, I see $1.339 per gallon. I’m guessing this is cheap in comparison.

Bob | 25 Sep 2003