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WalMart coming to NYC?

Hit or Miss

WalMart coming to NYC?

As much as I can agree with my fellow New Yorkers that a Walmart in the middle of Manhattan would be terminally unhip and quite evil, I have to admit I hope it happens.

I’m tired of not being able to do my basic shopping in one location. The K-Mart at Astor Place has been my salvation, but let’s face it: K-Mart is quite lame. Walmart may not be much better, but at least it’s more familiar to an old Midwestern like myself.

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You can do all your shopping in one location. It’s called “Manhattan.” 😉

brian w | 15 Sep 2003

Once you’ve got a full stable of your regular stores for the things you like to buy, you’ll never go back to one-stop shopping again. That being said, I think I’d feel differently if I lived in your neighborhood.

Anil | 16 Sep 2003

I’d rather have a Target. But we’ve become suburbanized enough of late, what with
Chelsea now having an Olive Garden and an Outback.


bob | 16 Sep 2003

It was all over for New York when the bawdy houses and adult cinemas were shut down and replaced with Applebee’s and Red Lobster. Come now, how much more damage can be wrought by the simple addition of a Walmart?

TheBrad | 16 Sep 2003

Here’s the deal, and let’s make clear that I am just making a generalized statement not directed at anyone, with all the bullshit and problems, do the people of Brooklyn really need to “Take up defense” and prevent a WalMart from being built?

Do you suppose that maybe people could Take Up Defense against something more pressing than a retail store?

I know here in South Dakota that where ever a WalMart was built, whores, junkies, and trailer parks sprung right up next to them. As soon as I could purchase plants year-round, the town was flooded with heroin, illegal aliens, and motels that rent by the hour.

Apparently, the other major problems in Brooklyn, like unemployment, high cost of living, violent crime risk, affordable housing, low highschool graduation rate, et al. have been roundly trounced by the social advocates at 601am.com, who now have nothing left to do but occupy themselves with WalMart.

I’m not by any means some staunch WalMart supporter. I think they’re a shitty company, disgustingly anti-union, and get by under the false guise of being some Wholesome All-American place — despite the fact that you can’t even by a tea kettle made in the US at their stores.

But for Christ’s sake, if it’s such an awful place, won’t the market decide ultimately? Won’t people shop with their wallets?

How about taking a look around at the Exxon gas stations first?

Hopper | 18 Sep 2003

What’s wrong with Target? It’s right near the subway, there’s another one opening up in my neighborhood in Brooklyn soonish, they have everything, it’s way better quality than Wal-Mart, and they don’t impose their right-wing religious beliefs on their merchandise the way Wal-Mart does.

Mike | 18 Sep 2003

I just have to say I agree with Mike on this one.
Not about Wal-Mart being in Manhatten, but about the kind of merchandise it sells being influenced by the conservative religious point of views.

Think about what happens to some areas where Wal-Mart is almost the only place to find things such as CD’s, the latest magazines, etc., you’re out of luck if you want to buy, for example, contraceptives. (I can name a few such towns here in Oklahoma that are exactly in that position)

Igor K | 27 Sep 2003