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New version of you

Hit or Miss

New version of you

So I managed to live through the first day of check-in after all. Not that it wasn’t frustrating as hell and almost reduced me to tears once or twice (why won’t the furniture in my apartments stay in one place?), but by the end of the day I could start to see the light. Then I spent a nice quiet evening at home, decompressing and resting for tomorrow’s check-in continuation.

I caught the pilot episode of FELICITY (which I hadn’t seen before) and realized that I’m probably doing a better job of adjusting to NYC than I give myself credit for. Thinking about the show’s theme song (mp3), I realized that I moved to NYC to create a “new version” of me too — and that’s not going to happen overnight (or during a conveniently plotted one-hour episode). It’ll take time. And since I’m going to be here for the rest of the academic year at least, I shouldn’t try to rush things and instead just let them develop naturally.

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good. No more of this “I want to leave NYC” nonsense. You just bought an ipod, you can’t leave yet.

jon | 24 Aug 2003

Atta boy. Ride out the bouts of trepidation as they come … they’ll pass soon enough and you’ll find your NY groove.

Just don’t cut your hair. Didn’t work for her at all.

bob | 26 Aug 2003