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Standing in line at the DMV

Hit or Miss

Standing in line at the DMV

On Thursday, I figured it was about time to apply for a New York State identification card (my 30 day window is coming up). According to the DMV website, I couldn’t trade my Missouri driver’s license in for a NY one because it doesn’t have a date of issue on it. Since I wasn’t about to go through a road test in Manhattan, I decided to apply for a Non-Driver Photo ID instead. I filled out the application form in advance and figured I would just breeze through the line in a couple of minutes.

I arrived at my local DMV branch and got to the front of the line in about 5 minutes. I had all my points of identification ready, but then discovered my Missouri license wouldn’t even count for a Non-Driver ID without the date of issue. I quickly substituted an (expired) insurance card and my New School ID (which shouldn’t have counted because I’m not a student and I was also showing my paycheck). We snapped the photo and I assumed I would next get my card. To my surprise, I discovered I had to wait for another hour and half to have someone else review my application before it was approved.

So with at least an hour to kill for lunch, I traipsed over to Pret A Manger (thank goodness for Vindigo walking directions) and had an absolutely scrumptious chicken salad and advocado sandwich and a slice of cheesecake.

After my number was called back at the DMV, I went through the agnozing process of resubmitting my points of identification and sweet-talking the case walker into approving my application. Then, all I got was a lowsy piece of paper with a detachable temporary ID. If my lame-ass local DMV office in rural Missouri could make me an official ID on the spot, why can’t the DMV in New York City?

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And I guess I’m not a real New Yorker yet, otherwise I would have written “Standing ON line at the DMV.”

Matt | 3 Aug 2003

Ugh, don’t pick up that “standing on line” thing, it’s annoying as hell. Let’s pretend it’s the exclusive domain of people upstate.

Anil Dash | 3 Aug 2003

You could always be faux-Brit chic and just “queue up” instead…

Chuck | 4 Aug 2003