Hit or Miss

Ipod Mania

“Maybe I’m a horrible elitist, but when I pass [really hot gay guys with discmans] I think “How quaint of them to be using discmans.” They may be gorgeous, they may be rich, they may be cultured, they may have just gotten gang-banged by 20 guys in the back room of Roxy last night, but I have an ipod” – Jon Collins.

Exactly the reason I’ll probably buy an Ipod next month instead of groceries.

Update: I broke down and bought an Ipod that very afternoon.

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I COMPLETELY share this feeling. It’s the little triumphs that make all the difference.

Sparky | 25 Jul 2003

I know you’re gorgeous and cultured, but it’s good to know that after a only a few weeks in New York, you’re also rich and having fun at the Roxy. Glad to hear the iPod is the only thing standing between you and world-class homosexuality.

TheBrad | 26 Jul 2003

we love the pod … now you’re a real new yorker 😉

bob | 28 Jul 2003

So … 10, 15 or 30GB? (I am such a size queen.)

Chuck | 31 Jul 2003

Food or iPod? I think you made the right choice.

Charles | 31 Jul 2003

i’m glad you went ahead and chose ipod over food. i have to say that although your fellow blogger jon was right on target with his ipod cruisin’ “butt” i shiver at the thought that he used both last season and gap in the same sentence in his site.

ricky | 4 Aug 2003

so how IS your new ipod working out for you? Have you done the big “shuffle” on 5 (or however much music you have) gigs worth of songs? It’s somehow wrong to have Linkin Park and Ethel Merman playing one right after another.

jon | 5 Aug 2003