Hit or Miss

The Brown let me down Part 3

The last of my UPS boxes finally arrived today (after getting separated and misdirected from the others). Of course this was the box with my Swifter and dust pan/brush and other assorted cleaning supplies. Before I start unpacking any of the other boxes, my apartment needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

I’m glad I was as anal as I was preparing the boxes (taping every possible seam and corner of every single box). By the time they all arrived, they looked like they had flown to China and back — they was bowed, smashed up, and covered in grime. Thankfully nothing seems to have broken en route, but these boxes will never be usable again (which horrifies a packrat like me).

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Congrats on your recent move, and good luck settling in. Like your other readers, I’m looking forward to you recording your experiences and reactions to the Big Apple. It is one of my favorite cities and I know you’ll be happy there with all the things it has to offer.

Chris | 12 Jul 2003

Matt, I miss you lots! I’m glad you’re having such a great time! I need to get you my friend Kevin’s info, he said he’d love to connect with you since he just moved and doesn’t know many people outside of work either. Hope to hear from you!

Morgan | 13 Jul 2003