Hit or Miss


I’m trying to figure out what I should take to NY when I fly out next Monday (and what I should put into storage at my parents).

I figure I’ll pack my clothes, my computer, my TiVo, and my CDs. But otherwise, I don’t know what is easily (and cheaply) bought in NY vs. what I should try to ship out there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Nothing is cheaply bought in NYC. Nothing.

Jon | 1 Jul 2003

What Jon said. Nothing in New York city is cheap. Particularly when compared to MO.

Frankenstein | 1 Jul 2003

Congratulations mate. All the best for the move and wishing you well at your new location.

Morrie | 1 Jul 2003

Matt, what are you contemplating leaving behind? If I were you (which of course I am not, lol) I would think about bringing as much as I could… as prices are high in NYC.. you aren’t in Kirksville anymore Toto! : ) I’m so excited for you!

Shannon | 1 Jul 2003