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Cheapskate vs. Laziness Part 2.

Hit or Miss

Cheapskate vs. Laziness Part 2.

One way or another, I’ll be moving in a month — to either a new job or my parents’ basement. So, I spent the day cleaning out my closet and filling six big boxes to donate to the Salvation Army. Half the clothes moved here with me three years ago, because I hate to throw anything out — who knows? maybe I’ll fit into those size 30 pants again some day? Right.

But in the end, laziness won out because I know I’ve got to thin out my possessions so I’ll have less stuff to load into my mom’s minivan when I move. Of course, my cheapskate side got the last laugh when I insisted the nice old ladies at the Salvation Army give me back the six boxes I brought the stuff in.

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I don’t envy you having to move all of your stuff. It’s not much fun at all. I’m going to have to move all of my junk in about a month as well.

btw, for some reason it’s not remembering me.

I have to type in my info each time.

Jayson Franklin | 1 Jun 2003

yo, Salvataion Army is super homophobic. In the future, choose Goodwill, etc.

Anonymous | 7 Jun 2003