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Hit or Miss

The perfect example of the internal battle of my laziness vs. cheapskateness? Going out in the pouring rain to return a rental DVD the next day to get a $1 credit on my account, and then forefeiting it by sticking it in the drop box because I don’t want to have to park and walk inside the store.

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I have but one word to say to you about this … Netflix. That way you’ll never have to return a rental DVD in the rain again. No more parking and walking — just keep it until you’re done with it, then hand it to the letter carrier.

Then again, I’m about to quit Netflix because of 1) lack of time to rent enough DVDs to get my money’s worth because TiVo has taken over my life, along with our huge backlog of unwatched DVDs we’ve bought, and 2) their ubiquitous and endless pop-up ads are really starting to piss me off.

Other than that, they’re great.

Chuck | 29 May 2003