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Job Search Update

Hit or Miss

Job Search Update

Tomorrow I close and lock up my residence hall for the third and final year here at Truman. This is the date that I had unconsciously set as the deadline for finding a new job.

But unless a miracle happens, the university I visited a few weeks ago doesn’t seem likely to be offering me a job. Another school I conducted a phone interview with a week ago declined to invite me to campus. And many of the other schools I applied to haven’t ever replied to my emails asking about the status of their searches.

But I’m soldiering on. I sent out 4 new cover letter and resumes yesterday. But the problem is that even after widening my search beyond the East Coast, there aren’t a ton of positions still open nationwide. And finding a Hall Director job in a hip area at an academically superior university is becoming more and more difficult.

My new job search deadline is June 30 — my last day on contract and the day I officially become homeless.

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Hey Matt,
Wish you best of luck on your job search! I’m sure the right job is out there waiting for you. Hope you find it before you find yourself on the street 🙂

Vamsi | 13 May 2003

just remember that everything happens for a reason, and although that reason may allude you now, at some point you will realize and embrace!

s e a n | 14 May 2003