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Hit or Miss

Satellite photo of the Pyramids (and the Sphinx). I never realized how close the Pyramids where to the city of Giza. I always imagined that to this day you had to ride a camel 5 hours into the middle of nowhere to visit them. It’s kind of disappointing, like when you see the Alamo surrounded by skyscrapers in downtown San Antonio (via torrez.org).

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Interesting point. That’s one of the reasons people love travel. You don’t necessarily think of what you’re seeing in today’s terms, but as it was when it was famous, e.g. Battle Abbey near Hastings, the American civil war sites etc. That’s also about the only reason anyone would want to have anything to with archaeology. Otherwise its just rocks and bones.

Morrie | 18 Mar 2003

I have notice that the pyramids are in africa as compared too any other country,but why is it that when they show the egyptians in the movies they don’t don’t show them as black?

Tim | 10 Jun 2003