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Hit or Miss

It’s amazing to me how “The Caroline Rhea Show,” using the same set and format as its predecessor “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” can come off feeling so heterosexual in comparison.

I knew Rosie was a lesbian from the beginning, and I loved her showtune-slinging bandleader John McDaniel and campy hairdresser David Evangelista. Compare and contrast Caroline’s incessant fawning over every male guest and her admittedly hot new bandleader Chris Botti, and the show just screams “we’re straight!” But I guess it’s really no more heterocentric than any other talk show — I enjoyed always reading between the lines for the subtext on Rosie’s show, but I’d love to see a mainstream talk show with an openly gay host.

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Although, to be fair, Rosie’s incessant fawning over Tom Cruise did sort of counterbalance the rest of the things you mention. (Especially since Tommy is STRAIGHT…straight straight straight! Yep, he’s straight. Straight.)

Chris | 21 Dec 2002

I’m sorry, I’m glad John McDaniel left when Rosie did. I can’t imagine him with Caroline. I’ve only seen Caroline a few times but it just didn’t grow on me. I haven’t seen it but I heard Wayne Brady’s new show is more like Rosie’s old show. (I could be wrong!)

jay | 22 Dec 2002

I have had similar problems with people “leeching” images from my site. The most frequent offenders are the owners of blogs and users of bulletin-board discussion forums. Since my site is about my photography, I’m perhaps a bit more sensitive about the “leeching” problem than you are.

However, I found that the various RewriteCond directives end up creating more problems than they solve. For one thing, the approach makes my pictures invisible to most foreign visitors who access my pages through translation sites (I didn’t use a “kleptomaniac” GIF like you use, merely a 403 error). It also removes the images for visitors whose internet providers try to speed things up with caching, and some people who visit my site at work through corporate proxy servers.

So I have switched to a case-by-case approach of blocking access to specific “leeches,” at least until the page of the blog or bulletin board “ages” to the point where it no longer matters. This seems much fairer than what I call the Ashcroft approach (i.e., casting a broad net that restricts everyone’s rights on the pretext of going after a very few bad guys).

Ted | 20 Dec 2002