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Hit or Miss

One of my students ran inside my office today and told me there was an enormous bird behind the building eating a rabbit — and lo and behold there was. It made me sick to my stomach seeing the fur spread across the grass and watching the bird tear away at the hind legs of the rabbit.

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I’m sorry, but that is a great picture–I mean, how often are you going to get a snapshot of something like that?

Max | 17 Nov 2002

i have to agree with Max – we should be so grateful to have a bit of Mother Nature come into our lives & give us a live performance – & remind us that nature in all its manifestations was here first, got kicked out by man; but is able to live alongside and share our space – you go falcon ! (isn’t the raptor only going for take-out lunch ? )
Also – sickening as it may seem, we should stay neutral & objective & not lay our human emotions on these situations – what you see going down is neither right nor wrong in human terms – it’s beautiful !

chris | 18 Nov 2002

We have those all over Rochester. We saw on devouring a Bluejay. Interesting, but sad and gross too.

Michelle | 18 Nov 2002

I have something in common with that bird. I eat rabbits too.

Not raw, though … I prefer a breaded and pan-sauteed tenderloin with a Creole mustard sauce and some sauteed spinach.

Chuck | 18 Nov 2002

Hey Matt… it’s good to see that you have an active raptor community. It’s a good sign. I asked a birding friend of mine, and he says that it’s an adult red-tailed hawk. Thought you’d like to know what you’re seeing… and what’s been eating the rabbits.

vis10n | 18 Nov 2002