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TrackBack comes to hitormiss.org

Hit or Miss

TrackBack comes to hitormiss.org

TrackBack comes to hitormiss.org. What is TrackBack? Basically, it’s a way of recording who has linked to your posts and notifying others that you’ve linked to them (invented by the folks from Moveable Type). I’ve been wanting to keep track of links to my posts for a while, but simply parsing through my server logs didn’t seem to accomplish what I wanted.

And after reading that Paul of onfocus.com put together a homebrew ASP version, I set out to do the same in PHP/MySQL. Unfortunately, there is no documentation available about the format of TrackBack, so I had to reverse engineer it by combing through the MT Perl code. It makes my single entry pages look a little ugly and cluttered, but I was planning on redesigning them anyway.

So now, I can send and receive TrackBack pings. And anyone with a TrackBack-enabled MT bookmarklet should be able to automatically ping me (and I’d appreciate it if any of you did so, so I can test it out).

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Any chance you’d be willing to share your code?

Prentiss Ridle | 29 Jul 2002

D’ohh! I just noticed your tutorial. Never mind, and thanks…

Prentiss Riddle | 29 Jul 2002

track this back, matt!
Matt is now accepting TrackBack on his blog. The cool thing? TrackBack is a Movable Type feature, but Matt is using a homegrown blog software. (Metafilter is also now accepting TrackBacks). I’m still not sure if this is the Wave of the Future or just a Co

Mermaniac – A Show Tunes Weblog | 25 Jul 2002

Matt has demonstrated that TrackBack need not be confined to Moveable Type weblogs. Which is good, because the feature was

Useless! Worthless! Insipid! | 25 Jul 2002