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The reviews are in…

Hit or Miss

The reviews are in…

The local paper reviewed GUYS AND DOLLS: “Kingston and Rybkowski [my co-star] play Nathan and Adelaide’s on-again, off-again romance to comic perfection.”

And putting all modesty aside, unpredictably last night was probably the best performance of my entire acting career, breaking my long-standing habit of peaking in rehearsal. And in a comedy, no less. I’ve always thought I was a far better serious actor, because I don’t really think of myself as having a great sense of humor. But that may be part of the secret of why I’m cracking everyone up: I think it’s similar to what an old boyfriend once told me – that I was incredibly attractive to him expressly because I didn’t think that I was.

I just hope I can top myself tonight for a possible audience member

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Golly, no one’s ever offered to do *that* for me before.

And yet, you did. Congrats and thanks.

TheBrad | 15 Jul 2002

Phew. Thank God I wasn’t the only one trying to picture the contortions allowing one to top oneself. 😉

(Mind out of gutter…now.)

Chris | 15 Jul 2002

Woo! Congrats, Matt! 😀

Jason | 17 Jul 2002