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Rehearsal Update:

Hit or Miss

Rehearsal Update:

There’s nothing I hate more than the first orchestra rehearsal. Don’t get me wrong — singing with a full pit is a wonderful thing and I appreciate all their hard work, but it can be incredibly frustrating to try and adapt after singing with just a piano. And when I only get 2 shots at rehearsing my song before opening night, it puts me a little on edge.

I borrowed my friend’s cheap pocket tape recorder (with the world’s flakiest variable speed control knob) and recorded my song. Trust me, I don’t really sing with that much vibrato. And you would have to see the expressions on my face to understand why the director is laughing so hard in the background…

On tap today is a noontime scene performance for the local Lion’s Club and a free lunch at the Ponderosa (the perks of community theatre).

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That’s great! I just wish we could all get a road trip together to see you perform. Sounds like it will be wonderful.

Chris | 9 Jul 2002