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Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes. I’ve never had them before tonight — What a cool summertime treat! They taste like some kind of novelty ice-cream treat, except they’re healthy. And this recipe sounds even better.

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I used to cater… but I hate doing desert (I never eat it myself), so when my hand is forced I prefer the simpler dishes. My favorite (and it’s a vis10n original!) is a twist on frozen grapes… but one that the folks at Project Lean would not approve of.

Take your large, seedless, california grapes… wash, dry, then freeze them (solid – about an hour). Then about 15 minutes before desert is to be served, take them out, pluck them, and arrange them in individual serving dishes. Let them thaw until they’ve the consistency of firm slush. Drizzle with honey (orange blossom honey is a plus!), then coat lightly with Bailey’s flavored coffee creamer (or cream and Bailey’s). Voila! “Grapes Canaan” (the land of milk and honey)! The cream will freeze to the grapes, but not to the honey. Very lovely… very tasty… very rich. I can only eat about 8 grapes.

vis10n | 7 Jun 2002

heh frozen grapes rawk!! go frozen grapes! they’re the best food ever!

mandi | 8 Aug 2002