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Hit or Miss

I promise this is the last I’ll write about my TiVo for a long time… Thanks to some help from the AVS Tivo board, I not only managed to fix the broken “select” sound on my TiVo, I also managed to finally get PPP running over the serial cable and set up the TiVo web interface. I’m truly in awe of how cool it is and all the neat tricks I’ll be able to do with it… like this silly email I sent myself on my TiVo…

Now, back to our regularly scheduled weblog (until I leave for a 4-day conference on Tuesday)…

UPDATE: Okay, I lied. I just have to share this photo of my retitled TiVo menus.

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Bravo, Matt! Woohoo!!!

Does that mean we can get the Smallville recording from you? =)

Vis10n | 5 Nov 2001

Sadly no. The serial connection (though nice) is still too slow to pass along big, honking multimedia files. You have to have the Tivo Ethernet add-on board to be able to do that (an option I am currently weighing…)

Matt | 5 Nov 2001

Hey Matt? Guess where I have a two-month contract working on their content managment system and their new subsites?

Hint: it has to do with your post. Heh. Let me know if you need anything. Except for another TiVo. Contractors don’t get additional ones. 🙂

ernie | 8 Nov 2001