Hit or Miss


Smallville. Sure, the show is incurably sappy and terminally lame — but what is it about The WB and hot guys? — Michael Rosenbaum, who plays Lex Luther in the new Smallville (and who I thought was cute way back in the pathetic Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane), make my pulse race. Must be the chrome dome.

And wouldn’t you know it? I’m not the only one to pick up on the homoerotic flavor of the premiere episode. The slash fiction websites are inevitable…

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You can always count on the MBTV forum folks for sharp analysis of homoerotic content of pretty much every show on the air. If any of the posters there start writing slashy fanfic, they’ll post a link to it in those forums, too.

Sophie | 17 Oct 2001

Ah man! I missed the premiere! Anyone know whether it will be aired again soon?

Vis10n | 17 Oct 2001

I haven’t heard of any encore presentations, but I’d love to catch it again because my TiVo cut off the last bit of the episode (I have to manually program for that channel since it doesn’t show up in my TiVo listings — and don’t get me started on that!).

Matt | 18 Oct 2001

Have you been able to archive shows yet for transmittal via the net? =)

Vis10n | 18 Oct 2001

Nope. I never managed to get my TiVo working over the serial port (and I’ve moved on to other projects)…

Matt | 19 Oct 2001

Gee … I thought the show was pretty good, actually (for the WB, at least), above and beyond Tom Welling’s breathtaking gorgeousness. I wasn’t sure about the X-Files-ish subplot with Electro-Boy, but I guess we’ll have to get used to that sort of thing, being a comic book adaptation after all.

I can only imagine how much more hot Michael Rosenbaum/Lex would be if he still had the red hair he lost as a child … hubba hubba.

Chuck | 23 Oct 2001

I love to watch Smallville the only is because of Michael aka Lex he is so HOT! At first the show confused me back now I get it.
Keep up the good work Michael!!!

Cheyenne | 12 Mar 2002

I love micheal/Lex and Tom/Clark!!
I love both of them they are so cute! I just want to kiss Lex’s head and hug Clark’s huge strong arms.

Cassie | 10 Apr 2002

hehe i think that smallville is just another cheesy lil porgramme but its really addictive! and i love it hehe its just a bonus that theres two sexy guys in it (michael and um kent) i dont think that whitneys hot, do you?? oooh i thought that i would be the only person to think that lex was sexy… hehe great minds think alike!!!!!!

Rowena | 21 Apr 2002

Lex thru and thru. He’s the soul reason i watch it. Micheal Rosenbaum is a god!!!!!!

lottie/cuppa char | 25 Jul 2002

secrets are planted roots of destruction.good acting is knowing how to cover the roots with something pretty.

lotus | 20 Sep 2002

Lexis so hot. u know the episode wher the housekeeper falls in love with lex? i have a micheal rosenbaum shrine similar to her’s.

stephanie | 22 Sep 2002

I think both of them(clark&lex)are hotties…and lana is beautiful too….I love smallville very much…!!!

shyne | 29 Oct 2003

micheal is god … i know that the drugs that were given to him are going to help him become clarks enemy the season is getting hotter and hotter…but lex will always be #1 in my heart…I love you lex

patricia bogart | 22 Nov 2003

i’ve never been more addicted to a show than to Smallville. Micheal rosenbaum is THE man thru and thru. he carried the character well and i’m hooked on him…sigh…if only i could get to be near him…nice work micheal!

pretzels damsel | 26 Nov 2003