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Hit or Miss

Speaking of birthdays, this weblog is now approximately 2 years old (if you count the first real post I made). I started it because I wanted to develop my own content management system in PERL. For a while, it was hosted off my desktop using APACHE for Win. Then I jumped into the world of Linux, and I’ve been hosting it off my own server ever since (now using a homegrown PHP / MySQL setup). According to my friend Bob, who read my entire back archive this summer while bored at work, this weblog really gained its focus when I got the domain name and expanded my vision beyond just writing a weblog for the IU community.

Now at the 2 year mark, I’m going to try to lighten up a little bit and have some more fun. I realized recently that I wasn’t posting a lot because I was avoiding current event items (because I thought they wouldn’t make sense if people read the entries in the distant future). So what. The whole point of a blog (I think anyway) is to be current, otherwise why would anyone read it?

Thus, my new slogan is: “Use topically, repeat daily.”

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2 years! Congrats…that is quite something.

Charles | 4 Sep 2001

Hey Matt! Just wanted to wish you a happy 2nd anniversary! My own weblog’s anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks. Of course, I have you to thank for helping inspire me to start my own 🙂 Thanks again!

Vamsi | 5 Sep 2001

Happy birthday, baby!

Jason | 5 Sep 2001

Happy Birthday, Matt. Looking good & reading well, as always!

Richard | 5 Sep 2001