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Hit or Miss

AMA chastises MSN for advertising drinking products as “back to school kits.” “Marketing the alcohol-related gifts with other care packages for makeup and notebooks ‘perpetuates the belief that society winks at underage drinking, viewing it as a coming of age ritual and not as a dangerous activity with legal and life-changing consequences'” (via NextDraft).

We take this issue so seriously at Truman that we do not allow students to have any empty alcohol containers or alcohol-related posters, etc. in their dorm rooms.

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“we do not allow students to have any empty alcohol containers”…….Does this mean that if the alcohol containers are full its ok??? I wanna go to school there.

Bob | 30 Aug 2001

Nope, Truman is a dry campus. The university decided that allowing empty alcohol bottles was setting a bad tone because usually they were consumed in the residence halls, so they (and alcohol-related posters) are not banned.

Matt | 31 Aug 2001

Do you think such policies are helpful? It seems to me such ideas just make alcohol more “forbidden” and therefore that much more appealing. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here – you know much more about college age kids than me. The whole drinking thing to me just seems like a silly political game. In the UK, kids are old enough to drink by the time they start university. In fact, we had our own pub just for the college students and faculty. Since having a drink was not forbidden, it seemed to me you heard a lot less about this – as well as rarely seeing the kind of binge drinking that happens here. Of course, you don’t need a car in Oxford – that was a tremendous plus 🙂

Charles | 1 Sep 2001