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Hit or Miss

This month’s issue of OUT included one of those annoying AOL promotional cdroms. But instead of following the traditional AOL primary colors scheme, it was black and leopard skin. Is that supposed to be some kind of gay-targeted marketing? “Let’s give them the leopard skin cds — they’ll think it’s fashionable (and/or) sexy.”

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I don’t think it was that. I’ve seen the leopard print ones in other magazines too, and in the mail. They’re just trying to appear hip.

What gets me, though, is that they advertized in Out. I thought they had a thing about us.

Jason | 17 Jul 2001

I actually just threw out a leopard-skin one two weeks ago, which was about two or three years old. It was offering AOL 4.0 and 250 free hours online for the first month. ‘Course I was never wooed by a stylin’ CDROM or a bundle of hours I’ll never use. Mine was pre-installed on a new PC I got in 1996 with 50 free hours for the first month.

fredo | 17 Jul 2001

Speaking of (un)fashionable. Can we get the feet off the side please? They are really bothering me.

Anonymous | 17 Jul 2001

It’s not unfashionable, it’s just unhip.

Matt | 17 Jul 2001

Nah, if they were marketing to the queer communnity those CDs would have HARD CORE GAY PORN – and lots of it. That’s something I wouldn’t mind “popping” into my “CD Drive.”

Charles | 18 Jul 2001

Along the same lines of what Charles said, if they really wanted to target it to the perceived community, the disc would include MP3s of circuit mixes and showtunes.

Richard | 19 Jul 2001