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ASP Tutorial

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ASP Tutorial

ASP Tutorial. I finally have access to an account on an NT server that runs ASP, which I know absolutely nothing about; so I went straight to the source for a tutorial. The code looks pretty different from the PHP, PERL, and C stuff I’m used to and I’m debating whether I really want to dedicate any time to trying to learn ASP or not. Do any of my readers have strong feelings about ASP and can recommend any favorite tutorials or resources?

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Well, ASP is pretty much based on VBScript, which is a subset of Visual Basic, which is quite different syntactically than PHP, Perl, and C (which PHP and Perl base their syntax on). It’s mostly just annoying verbosity, though, not really any major differences. You can write ASP pages in Javascript, which is a lot more C-like, but all the references will be in VBScript, so that would be a problem.

I’ve had to do quite a bit of VBScript/ASP programming (unfortunately) so I would probably be able to assist you.

daveadams | 30 Mar 2001