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Hit or Miss

Lately I haven’t had a lot of time or motivation to go trolling for fun sites to mention on this weblog. I haven’t had the time nor motivation to write journal entries about what’s going on in my life either.

I’m busy, definitely. The library workshops I’m teaching are taking up much more time than I ever thought they would.

But the real issue is that I’ve been in a creative mood lately and have been focusing on other exploits. For too long a time, I’ve been motivated by practicality. For example, I didn’t feel like learning anything about XML until I saw that I could use it in conjuction with Blogger and then I wrote a tutorial about it. But now that I’ve used it, I’ve been bitten by the bug and the programmer in me is itching to start experimenting with XML.

I went to the Linux Users Group meeting on campus tonight and sat through a presentation on programming in Postscript. There’s no probable reason I would ever need to do that, but still I was enchanted and now feel the urge to play around with Postscript.

Maybe I’ll get caught up in the desire to revamp my website/blog. But that will be a major project and I’m about to go away for a conference. So I have a feeling this may be my last post for a little while.