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Hit or Miss


fightforyourrights.mtv.com. Someone commits a hate crime every hour.

Eight blacks, three whites, three gays, three Jews and one Latino become hate crime victims very day.

A cross is burned every week.

Watching MTV’s marathon of hate crimes coverage is very, very sad and overpowering — I don’t think I can stand it much longer. Sure, it’s cheesy, by it reminds me how scary this country is to live in as a member of a minority. Unfortunately, the audience this exercise is aimed at (white aflluent teenagers and young adults) are the most likely just to turn off MTV for the day.

I really don’t want to see the story of what happened at my university last year pop up as a simple anecdote on the screen, but it was high profile so I’m sure it will (while looking for that link, I came across this recent hate crime that happened in the dorm I helped supervise last year).

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I’m so glad you guys have websites like these, maybe I will change the world a little.I really wanna try to do something to help but I can’t fing anything, could you help?

Monique Fantroyal | 14 Jul 2001

I commend what everyone is tring to do against hate crimes. I too wish everyone was treated fairly, but I wish MTV would include all groups that are hated on. I am a small white girl and when I go into the city I get constant calls from people of other races asking me “what I’m doing here white girl?” along with names like cracker etc… Why isn’t this scenario adressed at all!?!?!

Jen Klein | 2 Aug 2001

i just watched one of MTV’s shows about the shootings in schools. and it really made me think how us as kids have to worry about going to school and wondering if someone is going die or get hurt by other kids in the school. there is a lot of violence in Michigan City and that’s where i grew up at. And i just realized how much violence is in the high school and how all the all the kids think about is fighting with each other. and i really think it should stop before someone does get killed. i think us kids need to grow up and think about all that’s go’n on in the school and start treating everyone fairly. it’s really not right how people start fights with someone because of their race, if they are shy, quiet, or the way they look, ect. i hope who ever reads these letters would stop and think about how bad our schools are getting because of us kids. and you need to stop and think about what if one of your family members or a friend of yours gets killed by just going to school. thanks for taking the time to read this. any commets or questions to what i wrote you can write to: littlelove03@hotmail.com

Ashley | 2 Sep 2001

I want to know what is wrong with black people? NOTHING is WRONG. I was on my school bus and this one kid called another kid that was white a niger. I had to open my mouth because calling someone that is just wrong! It doesn’t matter if you are black or white. When people say that around me, I have to say something because its wrong. You can not jugde anybody bye color!

Jill | 8 Sep 2001

last night i wachted a fright for your rights show and i actually cryed for the homelsexauls and i never cryed for my uncle he was a stroung man he would not take it. that touched home with me becuase my uncle was gay he died one day after my dads 41st brithday when i got back from his funeral all my boyfriends famliy could say was- he was gay? why are you stright than? that discusted me all i did was turn around and walked away people can be so inognert!!!

Katie C. | 2 Jan 2002

I watched fight for your rights on homosexuals. I was so sad for Jayce he had went through so much and for what? To be kicked out of his own family and banned from being a mormon. I was really angry about the fact that people could actually do that.

Some of my friends are gay, they haven’t said anything about it, and now I know why. It’s because of people like that, as if it hasn’t been hard enough for them already!

Everyone is different, we need to start recognizing the good things in people and stop picking out the things that you think are “bad”.

DON’T HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Megan Meyer | 29 Jul 2002

When i first watch the episode of true life about the homosexual that come out of their closets and tell their family about their sexual preference makes me feel proud because i know that it’s not easy to tell that to about their sexual preference. I hope that this would inspire all the people to stop discriminating and judje anybody whether they are black,white,gay or straight….

Ralph | 1 Aug 2002

I really think it’s sad to see how other kids get picked on because their not as cool or they don’t have as nice clothes. We are all human beings here and we all deserve the same amount of respect as any other person.

Christina Mae | 30 Sep 2002

Hey, when I watched mtv the homeosexual it was so sad watching them come out of the closets and then one person didnt get exepted in there family i almost cryed. Every day at my school people get picked on and hated by other people for there colors or personality, i get picked on because of my cloths because i aint rich like the other people but that aint a problem i am happy the way i am it’s just not right for people to do that!

Nicole | 3 Oct 2002

this show made me think alot about AIDs. i think that we should all get together and help other people understand what AID’s is realy about and not be so shy or scared to talk about it becaue that is the reason why people get AID’s i love Africa and it is realy sad to know that not just wowmans are geting dieing but also little kids that do not have a clue about what is going on with there lifes we should all think about the kids and help them by giveing money so that they can have a better life ,home ,education ,food, and a home in where they can stay ,and schools so that they can learn the reason why i talk about the kids is because the kids and teens are the future and it depends on them or us on teaching other kids about AID’s and how its affecting people womans around the world it was realy sad for me to see babies dieing because of the fact that they have AID’s i would like to help in some way just to see babies happy and parents that dont have money for water or food i would recomend the show on mtv.fight for your right on AID’s the people that were there like chrise tucker i love for talking to us about how Africa is living with womans haveing AID’s and how it is to see that they dont have water and that there homes are so small because here we are living realy big haveing the chance to be what we whant to be in life so i would like to say thanks because this realy did make me think alot about how lucky we are so have a chance to dream big and to make that dream to come true and now it is time to help others that realy do need it fight for your rights

candy | 10 Oct 2002

the other day when i was watching the come out show i cried…
One of my friends is a Bi- Sexual and she likes me as more than a friend. I have a boy-friend and i am not a Bi- Sexual only because it would make my life easier. I think I am atracted to some girls but i try to deny it. I like guys too.
i cant decide which sex i like. IM A VIRGIN and i dont know what to do..
WHat should i do????

Amanda | 11 Oct 2002

I have not seen the MTV show about homosexuals come out and telling every one they are homosexuals. however… I live in austin TX and austin is like the sanfrancisco of Texas, it is very hippy and there are LOTS of gay people(sorry if the word gay is offensive but it is shorter to type than homosexual) I have many gay friends that i get along with fine and they are all pretty open about being gay, my babies momma works at a foleys where a gay son came in with his mother to return some woman’s clothes that he didn’t like, so it seems like people aren’t having that hard of a time of it.

If MTV whats to make a show they will be able to find any situation they want to find it’s a big country we have with lots of people in lots of situations. i have done no studies on the issue but in my view of the world there is not some big repression of gay people. in fact the only people i find that don’t like gay people in general are adolescent males trying to become a man and seem more “manly”.

as a matter of fact (and i am trying to play the other side of the coin here) i get tired of how heavily gay lifestyle is pushed on every one, i mean i don’t see too many people driving around with stickers on their cars declaring themselves hetrosexual, straight people have no symbol or parade or special day at Disney, i think people should be able to have any kind of sex that they want to.
but there is something emotionally wrong with someone that goes through life making sure every one that sees them knows what kind of sex they have. honestly I think it would be good if everyone forgot about GAY vs. Straight, and stop trying to define what kind of sex people have as who they are (hope this makes sense to you)

M ark Smith | 5 Nov 2003