Hit or Miss

Bar Jacket.

My poor, old battered brown jacket still smells of smoke from the last time I went to a bar (end of November). I decided I might as well make it official and repurpose this coat as my uniform for drinking.

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I have almost the same thing, Matt–my variation is the “bowling outfit,” since you can’t even THINK of the bowling alley without suddenly being engulfed in waves of smoke. Mine came about through a bitter learning experience, the lesson of which was: “Never wear ‘Dry Clean Only’ clthes when you go bowling.”

Max | 10 Jan 2001

Ugh. Such a pain. If my leather jacket got that smell, I’d have to put up… it’s my coat for more than half the year.

Jason | 10 Jan 2001

hey i just wanted to say high!!! i dont go where people smoke i live in a bubble full of methane gas. the doctors say its the only way i can live. well gotta go and kill myself now! bye!

i forget | 12 Jan 2001