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Hit or Miss

I don’t know how people can live with the crappy connection speeds of dial-ups like AOHell. But somehow, people like Max do — AND they manage to find great stuff for their weblogs as well (it’s all I can do to just check my email, which takes over an hour with this stupid modem — why won’t my parents sign up for DSL?). So while I’m out of commission over winter break, you should check out his wonderblog Lots of Co. where he serves up the most amazing links. And dammit, if I had driven myself to Tennessee instead of flying, I would have been able to make the short trip down to Auburn and meet him in person!

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Damn right you would have been able to visit me–this, young man, is a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your days… 🙂

Max | 22 Dec 2000