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Hit or Miss

Wisconsin’s mandatory student fee system ruled unconstitutional. So much for the Supreme Court’s ruling last semester.

Basically, the concern is that “students become government officials when they decide how to distribute the fees, and as such have too much discretion” and that there is “no guarantee that the funding decisions are viewpoint neutral.”

God forbid that we look at the funding process as an educational experience for students (it’s only college afterall). I served a member of the funding boards at DePauw and IU and I learned a lot about listening to different viewpoints and compromising. And now I serve as the advisor for the Funds Allotment Council here, and I’m very proud and impressed by the student members’ imparitality and maturity in making decisions.

Of course, that didn’t stop a Christian group on campus from protesting the funding decisions this semester after their event was not sponsored. Never mind that it was an issue of seperation of Church and State — Truman as a public university is far more religious than the private, Methodist-affiliated school I went to for undergrad. The next time I hear an undergrad complain about being “persecuted” because of his Christian faith, I am going to smack him.