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Hit or Miss

Buffy maybe coming to my cable lineup? So I finally got fed up last night, and sent an email to the local CableOne
office asking when we might get The WB so I could watch Buffy (I hadn’t written before because I don’t really pay for cable. It comes with my free apartment here on campus).

The office manager there wrote me back today and said that the Fox Family Channel is supposed to start carrying WB programming in January. Huh? A Fox station is going to start carrying WB programming?

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From a reader… “Buffy is actually owned by Fox. If I am remembering correctly BtVS goes into syndication next year so what the cable company may be talking about is the forthcoming syndication of BtVS and NOT first run shows. Why BtVS repeats would start showing on Fox Family and NOT FX is beyond me…”

Boohoo! Not first-run Buffy. Looks like I’ll need to email the cable company again!

Matt | 21 Sep 2000