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Four Square

Four Square. I was up until 2 in the morning last night due to some mad four square action with my staff out on the illuminated cement courtyard of my building. Some of them are really hard core players and play it regularly with their fraternities (the last time I had played was with my Lambda Chi brothers at DePauw).

They had a lot of “house rules” that I wasn’t famliar with; like “Tea Party,” where two people have to bounce the ball back and forth until the person who called with Tea Party calls it back off. We played with increasingly bizarre combinations of rules until some groups of residents walked through and encountered us having to use our non-dominant hands and making animal noises each time we hit the ball. We toned it down a little after that.

There really is a sad lack of good four square pages on the internet. I may have to rectify that…

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I am trying to teach my children the wonderful game of four square. I know the basic rules, but I cannot remember all of the variations. I remember some of the names; like bump, tree top, slam, baby (something). Does anybody out there no some of the different variations?

Joe | 2 Jul 2002

‘Babies’ were also known as ‘Baby Drops’ – during my Foursquare heyday (1975???) I think I always called “No backstops, baby drops, or overhand slams” – there was also a ‘magic’ somethingorother, but I don’t recall what it was. Man I loved foursquare!

CUJoe | 3 Jul 2002

hey i know tons of stuff cherry bombs, lemon drops, tea party, slamms, posion ivy, u name it i know it, I play the game very well i’m always king no one and i mean no one can get me out, i even have my own set of rules, chrissy’s rules. everyone in my neighborhood knows them and when i’m king ( wich is always) and i call my rules they know what i’m talking about. unless there are alot of little kids in the game i call Mr.nice guy, wich is when there are no varations we just play nice. anyway i love this game i’d play it 24/7 if i could and i always have a peice of chalk ready in case it rains and i have to build anthor square.

Chrissy | 9 Jul 2002

At the local Summer pool I work at, Four-Square is some thing that all the kids actively do all the time. If thier not swimming their…playing soccer-BUT if thier not playing soccer, then you can find them at one of the two four-square courts we have. But I must tell you, even though we do have all of the black magics, and baby drops, we do not encourage them, because if you can hold the ball and throw it at another square, then you’ve just proven you can hold the ball and throw it at another square. You did not prove you have any skill in the game of Four-Square. But who knows what the official rules are(besides the official Summers-Port rules).

Cipher | 16 Sep 2003

brevard high school is birthplace of the greatest players on earth. we play oldschool stripped down style none of this lemon drop crap. who ever heard of a lemon drop, it’s called a penny drop. suckas! take a trip down to brevard high well kick your ass

justin mcentire | 2 Dec 2003