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Song of the moment…

Hit or Miss

Song of the moment…

I’ve really been digging this new Garth Brooks song, “When You Come Back to Me Again” (how could I escape it anyway? It’s on the radio everytime I get in my car). Thank goodness for Napster, because there are currently no plans to release it as a single, despite its popularity. It was written for the movie Frequency and appears during the end credits, but it’s not on the soundtrack (which I can’t even find listed for sale on any of the major music sites).

But what’s up with my Garth Brooks-fetish lately? I’ve always thought he was really hot, but now I’m starting to listen to his music as well — it started soon after his silly Chris Gaines / pop project. I think that must have been his real aim with Chris Gaines – trying to convert the segment of the population that hasn’t already bought all his albums and turned him into one of the best-selling solo artist of all time into his fans.

I think I’ve been going to the country Karaoke bar too much. Am I going to start wearing ten-gallon hats and cowboy boots? Only if I looked as cute as Jessie doing so….