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Hit or Miss


At dinner tonight, some people were talking about this cow at the university farm that has a hole in its stomach that you can stick your arm into.

I was utterly flabbergasted (or is that udderly?) and refused to believe it was true.

Then I came home and looked on the web and, indeed, an artificial hole in a cow’s stomach is called a fistula (check out the Fistulated Cow homepage).

I’m sure it’s useful for research, but I still think it sounds kind of cruel.

But this guy (scroll down) doesn’t think so.

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Being from Idaho, I know all about the cows with holes in their sides. They put windows over the holes that are similar to those you find on a ship. There’s also some mysterious green ooze that seeps from within the window. I, too, thought it was a joke at first, until I saw an entire herd of these poor creatures.

laura | 12 Jul 2000

You know, I remember seeing this somewhere as a very young boy, but my memory as an adult figured it was some kind of bizarre dream. Ew.

jay | 12 Jul 2000