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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hit or Miss

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I guess I’m just at heart a “busy” person. Even though there isn’t much going on around here in Kirksville, I’ve found things to fill my day and take up all my time – I’m not happy otherwise.

I spent last Friday night at someone’s movie night (Bowfinger, which was very funny) and I went to a Memorial Day cookout on Monday with a bunch of folks from the English Dept. (faculty and grad students). Let me tell you – people here know how to drink. Just like I’m trying to pick up running, I’m trying to train my liver to keep up.

Oh yeah, I’m trying to get into running. It’s tough. I’m really pretty lazy and unmotivated when it comes to exercise. I enjoy doing step, because of the techno music, so I thought I’d enjoy running if I listened to techno music as well. Finally that Rio Player 300 I won after ordering books from bigwords.com is coming in handy – the music doesn’t skip as I flail about. I’m sure I have bad running form – I was as sore as all get out when I woke up this morning.

I’m finally starting to get some of the year-end reports from people who are leaving. Now I have lots of reading material to help me prepare for the coming school year and my new job. BTW, I got me first pay check today (for the half-month I’ve worked so far). It was easily the largest paycheck I’ve ever recieved. Now I’m going to have to start being good and put money away in the bank.