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Who’s Afraid of Harry Potter

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Who’s Afraid of Harry Potter

Who’s Afraid of Harry Potter. An interesting look at book censorship (via Flutterby).

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Harry Potter: great series! I bought all three earlier this year and read them over a week-end… but of course, the entry isn’t really about Harry; it’s about censorship.

Guess I have to side with the baddies on this one: I have few problems with systemic censorship by businesses, schools and the like… censorship on behalf of our youth is a necessary part of raising children.

That said, I must say that censoring Harry Potter because of its content is laughable — it’s a fine piece of writing that is enviable for its nobleness.

I could go on… but this is your site, not mine.

PS… Congrats on the redesign. Very slick.

vis10n | 31 May 2000