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I’m back

Hit or Miss

I’m back

Over the weekend, I discovered that a) there was no way for me to have internet access until Monday, and that b) my old server at IU went kablooey on the new administrator. So, I had to just sit by helplessly while no one was able to access my site and I couldn’t put up anything to say what had happened.

But now I’m back. I a) finally have dial-up access from my temporary apartment (slow is better than none), and b) have finally gotten to connect my new server to the campus network. I’m still tweaking stuff here and there, so there may be a few outages.

A big thanks to all the folks who sent me mail asking what had happened to my site — it’s nice to know I was missed!

While I was copying files over, I went ahead and put up this new design I played around with while I was offline all weekend.

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Love the new design! You cracked me up 🙂

Firda | 24 May 2000