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Hit or Miss

New eyeglasses designed to help people with colorblindness Unfortunately, they only work right now for people with red/green deficiencies. I have problems with pink/grey, blue/purple, and green/brown. My eye doctor back home was pretty baffled by it.

My color deficiencies have plagued me my whole life. Besides the problems with matching my wardrobe, my elementary school thought I was deficient in social studies — turns out it was because I couldn’t read the color-coded maps. And why do you think my weblog is done primarily in shades of grey?

(via The Stuffed Dog).

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Matt- Thanks for letting everyone know that ‘Bird-Dogg’ isn’t crazy about voodoo- I should
have been checking this thing more regularly!!! And why am I STILL on the neighborhood
network- didn’t we have a discussion about this?!! You are lucky you are in east-nowhere, because
if we were still in Bloomington, you would be in a lot of trouble!

Bertie | 9 May 2000