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Art and more…

Hit or Miss

Art and more…

At my internship, I read the Chronicle of Higher Education. I’ve been writing down interesting URLs in my Palm, but have been forgetting to blog them.

Watching Cradle Will Rock sparked my interest in muralist Diego Rivera.
The City College of San Francisco is attempting to revive interest in the 60 foot mural he painted in 1939 during the Golden Gate International Exposition. Originally intended to be displayed in a new campus library, the mural instead has languished for 60 years hidden in the cramped lobby of a small theatre on campus. Learn more about this fascinating and controversial mural at the beautifully designed riveramural.org. Visitors can pick parts of the mural to view and zoom in on the features.

Speaking of art, Ken Goldberg, Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at UC Berkeley, has created a variety of art installations, fusing the WWW and robotics. Projects include the Tele-Garden, a tele-robotic installation that allows users to remotely view and tend a living garden, and the recent Ouija 2000, a telerobotic online Ouija board.