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Job Search, continued.

Hit or Miss

Job Search, continued.

I’m eagerly anticipating hearing back from the college I visited over Spring Break. I think they’re going to offer me a job and I think I’m going to take it. More news once it’s all official…

I must say I’m surpised about what some people write about in their weblogs – I’ve seen several high schoolers write about their college selection process and name the schools. I’ve been very careful not to name the colleges I’ve interviewed with, but of course there’s a big difference between going to college and getting a job – even if it is at a college. The college I want to work at is the only school that mentioned to me that they looked at my web work – and I know they’ve been reading my weblog. I feel like they value my web experience and would know before hiring me that I have this weblog. Thus, hopefully this wouldn’t happen to me… (via Ghost in the Machine).

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You can always do what I do, and make your weblog part of your portfolio, so it’s no longer a variable. Then again, the jobs I’m looking for aren’t all that similar to the jobs you’re looking for.

Jason | 31 Mar 2000