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Weekly plug for Buffy

Hit or Miss

Weekly plug for Buffy

Can Buffy get any better?  I was worried that her entering college this year would lead to lame, stereotypical plotlines; but the writers continue to chart new territory.  Never in a million years would I have anticipated this year’s military initiative plotline or Spike’s joining the forces of good.  There’s been a nice mix of humorous and serious episodes (and the most frightening episode, HUSH, I’ve ever seen).  And Marc Blucas as Riley is more than a suitable replacement for David Boreanaz (Angel).  Yum.

I noticed that both Marc and James Marsters (Spike) have been added to the opening credits – hopefully ensuring their appearances throughout the rest of the season.  Also, I noticed that Seth Green is no longer in the credits – maybe he’s left for good?

Oh, Angel and Sports Night were good also.  I’m just too tired to write about them.  I’m sure Scott will have something nice to say about Sports Night.