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Student funding in jeopardy

Hit or Miss

Student funding in jeopardy

The Supreme Court on Tuesday will begin hearing a case on whether public universities can continue to use mandatory student activity fees to subsidize campus groups that pursue political goals.  The case was originally filed by a student at the Univerity of Wisconsin who objected to his activity fee going to help fund liberal student organizations (like the campus GLBT group, Women’s group, and AIDS support network).

I’m a member of IU’s 9-member CASI funding board, which distributes the student activity fee to clubs and organizations across campus.  While we have a special fund (which comes from revenue generated by the student congress affiliated VISA card) for religious and political groups, there are many “liberal” groups (like OUT, WSA, and SOAP) that recieve student activity fees.  I am an unabashed liberal – I freely admit that.  I like giving money to progressive student groups that help to change the popular opinion.  I am frankly worried what effect this Supreme Court ruling could have in regards to student groups across the nation (especially GLBT groups).

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