Hit or Miss

Dykes to Watch Out For

Tonight I got to hear cartoonist Alison Bechdel lecture about her cartoon strip, Dykes to Watch Out For.  Honestly, I was expecting a frothy, fun discussion of being a gay comic strip writer.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by a in-depth, thought-provoking presentation about the different methods of assimilation in the lesbian/gay community that her characters exhibit.  I already knew DTWOF was a witty strip, now I know how smart it is as well.

I hesitated before posting the above link to the strip online.  I asked Alison if her strip’s appearance on the web had changed her audience makeup or popularity.  She said that she had mixed feeling about the internet because she didn’t think she was getting paid for the strip’s appearance on the web (hopefully, for her sake, she is mistaken).