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Hit or Miss

Which is the real logo?

Which is the real logo?: A quiz to test your recognition of common online logos.

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Well Designed URLs are Beautiful!

Well Designed URLs are Beautiful!

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.htaccess Cheatsheet

.htaccess Cheatsheet

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Finding Lost URLs

Finding Lost URLs: I also use the search tool on my Feed Reader (which I programmed as a WP Plugin).

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Bite Size Standards

Bite Size Standards: Concise web development tutorials, tips and tricks.

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Free Icons

Free Icons: List of CC,GPL, etc. icon sets.

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SimpleCode: Transforms html code into text suitable for putting between <code> tags.

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Interesting Facts About Domain Names

Interesting Facts About Domain Names: An article analyzing domain names and their availability (with graphs, examples, and comparisons).


miyamoto: interactive symphony

miyamoto: interactive symphony: Holy crap. This guy’s whole design portfolio is incredible. I really liked this interactive music game based on old Nintendo titles.

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Typetester: Compare fonts for the screen.

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