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Hit or Miss

Title of Show

Last night Jeff (his post) and I went to the first preview of Title of Show (Orchestra, row J, mutha-fucka!). We’ve been to first previews before and we’ve applauded along with enthusiastic audiences before, but this crowd was bat-shit insane. I’m talking twice the applause that Patti Lupone gets in Gypsy.

We went around to the stage door and waited for a while, but it was way too crowded (visit the Title of Show blog to see the photos & video). After talking to two obsessed teenage fans who were seeing the show for the first time, we felt way old.

I’m not sure I liked all the changes they made from the original Off-Broadway version (probably because I’m so used to what’s on the cast recording) and the second half could stand some tightening up, but the show is in fine shape for Broadway. I just wonder what a typical Broadway audience of tourists will think of this show (the two senior citizens next to us were mystified by the applause and left halfway through).

And Jeff just had an interesting thought: we assume that Heidi (having been in the most Broadway shows) will get the Gypsy robe. Will she have room to circle the stage 3 times contained within a ring made up by her 4 fellow cast members? Will they cover a panel with duct tape before passing it on to the next show?

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