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Blogroll Update

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Blogroll Update

Download the Blogroll Update plugin:

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Hi there.

Love this plugin, thank you!

Quick question–is it possible to make it so that an asterisk shows up next to the blog name rather than italicing it to show it’s been updated?

If so, how?


Hilary | 28 Oct 2005

go to /wp-admin/options.php and change the links append and prepend settings

indi | 4 Feb 2006

Are you sure? I’m not finding it in the /wp-admin/options.php file. Hmm.

Gina | 14 Feb 2006

A year later, but … 🙂
I think indi was referring to looking at the WP files using FTP (or SSH/telnet client). Something tells me you were looking in the WP admin gui

Steve Harris | 16 Feb 2007

[…] blogroll update (homepage) plugin opened my eyes. I didn’t know how the “last updated” field in WordPress […]

Donncha’s Friday Links at Holy Shmoly! | 26 Oct 2007


I have a couple of questions

On your installation instructions, here…

1. Save blogroll_update.php in your /wp-content/plugins folder.
2. Make sure that “Track Links’ Update Times” is checked on the Options > Miscellaneous > page.
3. Active the ‘Blogroll Update’ plugin on the Plugins administration page.

OK, I’ve done #1 and #3, but I’m not sure where to do #2. I can find no such “Options” anywhere on my WordPress dashboard. Can you help me?

Also, I’m finding it difficult to get an RSS url for some of the blogs I want to put in the blogroll. On most of them when I click the icon I get a feedburner url or some other that is not noted as an RSS feed. Can you help with this too?


Klockarman | 5 Mar 2009

go to /wp-admin/options.php and change the links append and prepend settings

indi | 4 Nov 2009

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