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Play Helen and Hall & Oates Off, Keyboard Cat

Play Helen and Hall & Oates Off, Keyboard Cat: Best Keyboard Cat video ever!

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Let’s make the web faster

Let’s make the web faster: Tutorials from Google.

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The Evolution of the College Dorm (TIME Photo Essay)

The Evolution of the College Dorm (TIME Photo Essay): Slide 6 is Barnard College, just down the hallway from my office in Res Life.

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I gave in. iPhone 3GS due to …

I gave in. iPhone 3GS due to arrive tomorrow…


Music Catch 2

Music Catch 2: An addictive little flash game where you sweep up different colored music notes, set to a melancholy soundtrack.

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The Year in Theatre

I remarked to Jeff last night at dinner that I felt we hadn’t seen as many shows this Tony season as in years past, which lead me to realize I haven’t blogged about the theatre in forever. High School Matt, listening to the original cast recording of some Sondheim show for the umpteenth time, would be very irked at what a jaded New Yorker Middle-Aged Matt has become, taking for granted all the great shows I see on a regular basis.

So, for the record, here’s what I saw this past year (by category and in order of enjoyment):

Broadway Musicals

  • Next to Normal – Dark, disturbing, and delightful. The cast recording has been on repeat ever since.
  • The Story of My Life – Like Glory Days last season, this is a flop I’ll treasure having seen. Hopefully the enjoyable recording will lead to a life in regional theatre.
  • Title of Show – Jeff and I loved the off-Broadway production and watched all the online videos. Attending the first preview is a night I’ll never forget.
  • 13 – We caught this early in previews before it was condensed to one-act and the more un-P.C. humor was removed. This is the show I wish had been around when I was 13. It’s a crime it was completely shut out of the Tony nominations.
  • Hair – Easily the best revival of the season.
  • Hairspray! – We caught one of the final performances when Harvey Fierstein returned to close the show.
  • Spring Awakening – I missed the Off-Broadway run because I was unimpressed by the Lincoln Center concert version, but I loved it when it moved to Broadway and we revisited it shortly before closing thanks to some comp tickets.
  • Rock of Ages – It gave Jeff a headache, but I thought it was a hoot.
  • Billy Elliott – totally overhyped and yet will probably beat out Next to Normal for the Tony.
  • Pal Joey – we caught one of understudy Matthew Risch’s first performance right after he replaced Christian Hoff in previews.
  • Shrek, the Musical – Only slightly more competent than one of those cheesy theme-park musicals.
  • West Side Story – I’ve never been more aware of what a museum piece WSS is, even with the misguided attempts to make it relevant.
  • 9 to 5 – Completely unnecessary — it managed to make sexy Andy Karl boring.
  • A Tale of Two Cities – Snore.
  • Guys & Dolls – A production really has to suck for me to rate the instantly forgettable Tale of Two Cities higher. I’ve always thought that G&D is one of those foolproof shows you can’t fuck up, and then Des McAnuff came along to prove me wrong.

Broadway Plays

Off-Broadway Plays & Musicals


So, counting Broadway and Off-Broadway productions (and throwing in some cabaret and dance), I saw 36 performances this year, which turns about to be about par with years past. In all, since moving to New York, I’ve seen 206 theatrical (or theatre-“ish”) performances.

Season Broadway Musicals Off-Broadway Musicals Broadway Plays Off-Broadway Musicals Other (Dance, Cabaret, etc) Total
2003-2004 11 13 2 4 4 34
2004-2005 14 10 4 2 7 37
2005-2006 9 12 5 3 2 31
2006-2007 13 9 7 4 2 35
2007-2008 13 6 10 4 0 33
2008-2009 15 5 10 4 2 36
Totals 75 55 38 21 17 206


Broadway Abridged: West Side Story

Broadway Abridged: West Side Story: Jeff & I saw the new revival last night — such a wasted opportunity.

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Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos: My new favorite in the "Cake Wrecks"-type vein.

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Swine Flu

According to the NY Times, 6 students at a private Catholic school on the other side of the block from our apartment might have the Swine Flu.

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WWJT? (What Would Jesus Tweet)

WWJT? (What Would Jesus Tweet): Trinity Church reenacts the Passion Play on Twitter ("My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" is less than 140 characters).

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