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London Calling

Hit or Miss

London Calling

Jeff and I just booked a trip to London (July June 10-17). It’ll be my first time flying overseas (and only 2nd time out of the country after going to Montreal twice).

While I’ve been a low-grade Anglophile my whole life, I don’t really know that much about London. I figure Jeff and I will bum around without too much of an agenda (though I think Jeff wants to head out one day to Stonehenge). We’ll probably hit London’s equivalent of the TKTS booth, because we’d like to see some theatre but don’t have our hearts set on any specific shows (EQUUS is transferring to Broadway).

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If you’ve your heart set on a day trip, skip the ‘henge; you can’t get close to the stones anymore and thus is its majesty diminished. Head to Bath instead and tour the ruins. See Boeing Boeing and Lord of the Rings; the latter is unlikely to come over. And the London equivalent of TKTS is…TKTS. The Society of London Theatre licensed the name from TDF. There are booths in Leicester Square and at Canary Wharf. Have fun! Toodle pip!

TheBrad | 14 May 2007

I hope that we were a partial catalyst.


marc | 14 May 2007

And don’t forget you know people here! (Also, Brad’s right on about Stonehenge. Bath is lovely, though, and if you really want to see a good stone circle — there are more than one — see if you can get out to Avebury.)

Sparky | 14 May 2007

I second the Avebury circle… also, I just got back from a week in London, if you’d like any free opinions. As for what to catch on the West End, I’d also suggest HISTORY BOYS. Very nice.

For purposes of daydreaming, here’s my London album:


Silus Grok | 14 May 2007

Hey Matt, we’re going in June, not July! 🙂

Jeff | 15 May 2007

Yeah, I always confuse June/July (and August/October).

I did the same thing while talking to my co-workers, who freaked out that I was going to be gone during the only month I actually have summer students in my building.

Matt Kingston | 15 May 2007

Ha! I read it as July at first and thought “Whee, he’s skipping RD training just like I did last year!!” And speaking of coworkers, did they hire anyone for William St? I’m going to guess no.

And I really liked Stonehenge. But I also went to Bath. Do both!

Katie | 17 May 2007

Look to the right. Look to the left. Look to the right again. Then if the road is free of traffic, walk straight across the road, don’t run!. Walk straight across the road. Enjoy yourselves but don’t look left first. Its like Brits and Aussies going to the USA. It takes a while to get used to.

Morrie | 6 Jun 2007