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Sprint Ambassador Program

Hit or Miss

Sprint Ambassador Program

A week and a half ago, I got an email from Sprint inviting me to participate in their “Sprint Ambassador Program,” which has been widely covered on the blogs (free phone + service for 6 months in exchange for feedback). I’ve blogged about phones previously and Sprint has been my one and only cell phone provider (other than two brief flirtations with T-Mobile).

I’ve got decent service and coverage on my Sprint Treo 650, but I’m curious to try out the new (faster) EVDO network (I’ve been thinking about getting the new EVDO-compatible Palm 700p when it comes out). But what I’m really looking forward to in this experience is being an “average phone customer.” I’m not the type of person who downloads ringtones, games, etc. from the Sprint Online Store. I download stuff directly from the web on my Palm Treo. It’ll be interesting to see “how the other half lives” (and to do it with free, unlimited download capability).

The phone arrived this afternoon, but I’m still waiting for the provisioning to go through so I can start using the phone. Again, I’m a power user with my Treo, but I have to say that the clamshell Samsung MM-A920 is pretty slick. The box came with a 32MB Transflash card (and SD card adapter), a USB cable to hook the phone up to my computer, and a nice stereo headphone / mic combo. I always thought lugging my iPod around (in addition to my phone) to listen to music was a pain. I don’t listen to music with my Treo either, because the interface is a pain. But the A920 has nice music controls on the front of the phone.

I’ll be posting more comments as I start to use the phone…