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The Holy Grail

Hit or Miss

The Holy Grail

Ever since I started tracking clips of Broadway musicals on YouTube, I’ve been waiting for one particular performance and now it has finally been posted.

Watch Jennifer Holliday and the original cast of DREAMGIRLS perform at the 1982 Tony Awards.

(And can you believe that Rufus Wainwright is going to recreate Judy Garland’s Carnegie Hall concert? I desperately want tickets.)

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i may have to come back to NY just for the concert.

vic | 23 Feb 2006

Wow, Jennifer Holliday was amazing, wasn’t she? I didn’t realize that they included the whole segment beforehand. This really should have been released on that Broadway’s Greatest Treasures disc.

I’ve already discussed (or scooped, ahem) the Wainwright on my blog.

Bill | 23 Feb 2006

It *was* supposed to be released on the 1st Broadway’s Greatest Treasures DVD, but it was pulled at the last minute (at the request of the Michael Bennett estate).

Matt Kingston | 24 Feb 2006