Hit or Miss

“How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

I’ve been updating my blog less and less frequently because I’ve been really busy with work and because Jeff usually writes extensive posts about what we’ve done (which is why I should really create a Matt+Jeff meta blog).

But Jeff hasn’t yet blogged about this: we’re singing at Carnegie Hall on Sunday night.

We did it once before. Fortunately this time we won’t have to stay in the closet. All of the participants are from Gay (or gay-friendly) Choruses. We’re performing “Sing for the Cure: A Proclamation of Hope” (Jeff and I are having a very women-centric weekend: tomorrow we’re going to the New School’s performance of the Vagina Monologues).

And of course, the answer to that age-old question “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” is not “practice, practice, practice” but “rent it.”

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If all goes well (and if he stops being so vague about the plans), Wes and I should be in NYC in November so that he can sing at Carnegie Hall. His church choir has been invited to participate in a choral music festival, and as soon as he told me that I said, “We’re goin’!!”

*fingers crossed*

Chuck | 22 Feb 2006

Oh, and speaking of Carnegie Hall, this just landed in my inbox:


Man, how ballsy is that? I’d so love to see this show, but alas, I don’t think it’s in the cards. The one consolation is that it’ll undoubtedly be recorded.

Chuck | 22 Feb 2006